What’s wrong with killing pigs and eating them? It’s simple: the same thing that’s wrong with killing your dog and eating him or her. Bacon “jokes” aren’t funny because doing this to sentient beings isn’t funny:

1. Pregnant pigs are confined to tiny gestation crates for months on end and forced to live on uncomfortable, wet, feces-covered floors.

2. Once the pigs give birth, farmers move them to farrowing crates, which are also barely any bigger than their bodies. They’re still unable to move, lie down comfortably, or turn around.

3. It’s common for workers to slam unwanted piglets against the floor to kill them—it’s called “thumping”—and, shockingly, it’s legal.

4. Farmers take piglets away from their mothers and pack them into tiny pens.

5. The intense crowding in these pens can make pigs go insane and turn to cannibalism.

6. Workers use pliers to clip off the ends of piglets’ teeth, ears, and tails, with no pain relief.

7. Workers castrate male piglets with no pain relief.

8. Dead and dying pigs are thrown in dumpsters.

9. Pigs are crammed into transport trucks and hauled through all weather extremes to slaughterhouses. The animals often go for days with no food or water during this terrifying and miserable journey.

Toronto Pig Save 


10. Video footage shows that pigs are regularly beaten, sexually abused, and otherwise tormented on pig farms throughout the country.

Anita Krajnc / Toronto Pig Save 

11. Pigs are often conscious when workers hang them upside down and slit their throats.

12. Pigs are often conscious when their bleeding bodies are submerged in scalding-hot water to remove their hair.

©Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals 

Over 100 million pigs are killed each year in the U.S. alone, and some slaughterhouses are capable of killing about 1,000 pigs an hour.

When people say things like “Bacon is life,” “I can’t live without bacon,” or “Bacon is so good,” it’s insensitive to the billions of pigs who have been tormented and abused beyond what’s fathomable and hurtful to everyone who cares about them.

©Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals 

Bacon is cruelty, suffering, and death—it’s not funny.

Stop making offensive bacon jokes. Stop eating pigs. Go vegan!