Travis Barker is definitely someone who marches to the beat of his own drum. The drummer for Blink-182 and music producer has gained countless fans with his rockstar status—and now he’s making a difference for animals, too!

Travis, a longtime vegan, and his vegetarian daughter, Alabama, dropped by peta2 to raise their voices for animals. Check out the exclusive interview and hear them talk about showing some serious love to animals by not eating them as well as gushing about their beloved companion pig!

Travis and Alabama know what’s up: It’s all about helping animals in need and keeping them safe. Animals are suffering—and it’s up to us to do something about it.

Feeling inspired? Join Travis and Alabama—pledge to get loud for animals!

There are so many awesome things that you can do to speak up for animals. Here are some easy ways that you can help:

  • Speak up if you see a “backyard dog.” Check out these simple tips and help dogs in your area.
  • Become a peta2 member: We’ll give you simple ways to help animals—and you can earn free stuff while you do it!
  • Order leaflets and pass them out. Grassroots work is the key to success in the animal rights movement.
  • Tell all your friends about spaying and neutering. It’s the most important thing that animal guardians can do to prevent cats and dogs from suffering and dying.
  • Share Travis’ and Alabama’s video on Facebook and Twitter.