As a proud cat mom of two, I can tell you that my worst nightmare is my fur babies getting out, lost, or hurt in any way. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a 6-year-old cat named Sage.

After he had been missing for a few days, Sage reportedly returned to his Clearfield, Utah, home with broken ribs, 10 broken toes, facial wounds, and hot glue burns on his eyes, butt, and genitals. He died the next day at a veterinary hospital. Seriously, though, who could do such a terrible thing?

Outdoor cat


Unfortunately, Sage’s story is just one of many. People have been known to torment “outdoor cats” by poisoning them, burning their whiskers off, shooting them, and even setting them on fire! If you have cats of your own, please keep them indoors. Even in the safest of neighborhoods, there’s just no way of knowing if someone threatening is out there.

“Outdoor cats” are also in danger of being attacked by other animals, being hit by cars, or contracting diseases like feline leukemia, which is highly contagious.

Cats can live a fulfilling life indoors, and there are many ways for you to explore the outdoors together safely.