Twitter has officially given the world a platform to vent, rejoice, and bewilder followers in 140 characters or less. Some Twitter celebs have used this platform to share way too much information and completely mundane details about their daily life, while others are rising to the challenge and using those 140 characters to spread the good gospel of saving animals!

From cat-loving leading ladies to tips on cruelty-free fashion, this is the very best of the week in celebrity tweets:

Kale and puppy cuddles—two things no vegan can live without!

I’m assuming my invite was lost in the mail … ?

Cat ladies, unite!

Recipe, please! With these freezing temperatures, it’s definitely soup season.

Looking fabulous in that faux!

I think I have a new favorite hashtag: #SeaworldSucks.

A vegan boy with an appreciation for shopping? Swoon. ♥

I can’t wait to see what my fave peta2 celebs tweet up next week!

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