China supplies most of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States. If you’ve seen the footage of animals being skinned alive on fur farms in China, you probably feel angry and wonder how anyone could torture an animal this way!


The good news is that many people in China are just as upset about this abuse as you are!

Midi Music Fest PETA

This was clear in Shanghai at the Midi Music Festival—China’s longest-running music event—when thousands of music fans swarmed the PETA Asia tent to learn about the fur trade, factory farming, and animal experimentation as well as to meet their favorite bands.

China Midi Music Festival

The venue was filled with people who got “inked” with temporary tattoos reading, “No Fur,” “Live Cruelty-Free,” “I Am Not a Nugget,” or “May All Hearts Be Free.” SUBS vocalist Kang Mao, who is a vegetarian, wore one of PETA Asia’s “No Fur” tattoos—which the entire crowd saw on the big screen when she was on stage.

Suba Midi Music Festival

Other popular bands, including Queen Sea Big Shark, Yaksa, Long Shen Dao, and Ordnance, encouraged fans to visit PETA Asia’s booth and stopped by the booth between sets to sign autographs, take photos holding “No Fur” signs, and send tweets of support.

Yaksa at Midi Music Fest

Want to fight the Chinese fur trade? Share this video to let everyone know why you would never wear someone’s skin!