Christine Dolce's new peta2 ad

Christine Dolce’s new peta2 ad

Christine Dolce, aka “ForBiddeN,” is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a model, make-up artist, actor, and clothing designer, she is also most likely your friend on MySpace! (That would be a pretty good guess, considering that she has almost 2 million friends!) One thing that you might not know about Christine, however, is that she is a huge advocate for animals.

Last winter, Christine posed for our “Fur Is Dead” campaign to show the world that fur belongs on animals, not on the backs of fur hags.

Now, ForBiddeN is taking her anti-fur crusade up a notch by starring in one of peta2’s most provocative ads to date. See it for yourself!

Now check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot:

We agree with Christine: Fur on your collar is blood on your hands. Many people know that wearing a full-length fur coat is wrong, but they often forget about the fur trim that can be found on hoodies, cuffs, and gloves. Even a small amount of fur comes from a dead animal, so make sure you speak out against all the fur that you see this winter season!

Are you ready for the first step? Take the Fur-Free Pledge now!