Dominic's adLost star Dominic Monaghan has a soft spot for wildlife. In fact, he feels so strongly about the protection of wildlife and their right to live in peace that he agreed to star in peta2’s first-ever wildlife ad to help remind us that we’re not the only beings on the planet. In the ad, Dominic encourages everyone to “Share the World,” saying, “Your actions can and do have an impact on the natural environment around you.”

Every year, millions of wild animals are killed by poisoning, trapping, and other cruel methods because their habitats are being taken away from them and they’re forced to live closer to humans. Dominic says that he got involved with this campaign because “[o]ne of the things I am most passionate about is the idea of wild animals’ natural environments just being slowly decimated by human beings.” Find out what else the Lord of the Rings alumnus shared with us in this exclusive interview. And don’t forget to sign up for peta2 News so you can get all the latest news on your fave celebs and learn what they’re doing to help animals (and what you can do too).