We’re experiencing some serious FOMO here in the U.S. after Domino’s Australia’s recent decision to add vegan cheese to its menu.

“[W]e heard you,” said the pizza chain in a recent Facebook post announcing its new vegan mozzarella cheese option.

After Australian customers let Domino’s know that there was a strong demand for vegan options, the chain added the Follow Your Heart dairy-free cheese, which is available on any pizza for an extra charge, and three new specialty vegan pizzas: Vegan Avocado Veg, Vegan Margherita, and Vegan Spicy Veg Trio.

This is basic supply and demand in action! Companies pay attention to consumers’ opinions and make decisions based on what people are buying. So always choose vegan food when eating out, and be sure to let businesses know that you’re interested in more vegan options.

Shooting a polite e-mail or Facebook message to a company or restaurant only takes a moment, but it has the potential to help reduce suffering for countless animals.

Take action now! Click to tell Domino’s that you want vegan cheese in the U.S.

(This could be you! ???)

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