A version of this article originally  appeared on PETA.org

Your morning routine just might get a lot more exciting, thanks to Einstein Bros. Bagels. The largest bagel chain in the U.S. is testing out vegan cream cheese!

Adam Russell, bass player for Story of the Year, shared the exciting news after finding Kite Hill on the menu there:

Remember when peta2 petitioned the chain to add vegan cream cheese last year? Whether it’s a fateful coincidence or the 43,000 signatures that our petition got, we’re excited about Einstein Bros.’ response. But for now, you can only get a nondairy “schmear” in select Missouri locations.

Vegan Options Are All the Rage

People have been demanding more animal-free food options, and companies are listening. Major companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Halo Top have released delicious vegan ice creams. Plus, coffee chains like Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee offer nondairy beverages (and Peet’s even has vegan whipped cream)—and more than 40 pizza chains now offer vegan cheese.

We’re stoked that companies and popular chains are offering more compassionate food choices. Since so many major changes are being made in the food industry, it’s easier than ever to keep cruelty off your plate and still enjoy yummy meals, snacks, and drinks. [insert yum emoji] Now it’s time for Einstein Bros. to up its game and make vegan cream cheese a menu staple at every location.

Not in Missouri?

No worries! There are tons of tasty dairy-free cream cheese brands, like Follow Your Heart, Tofutti, GO VEGGIE, Kite Hill, and Daiya, at grocery stores. Or you can make your own delish breakfast sandwich following one of our fave recipes.

Want a quick bagel fix?

We totally get it. Einstein Bros. already has scrumptious vegan bagels—now we hope it’ll take breakfast to new heights by offering a dairy-free schmear to customers at all its locations.