With the holidays just around the corner, you don’t want to miss out on this special treat. Actor extraordinaire, podcast host, and vegan goddess Evanna Lynch collaborated with peta2 to create the ultimate magical, animal-friendly, limited-edition Vegan Gift Basket that’s perfect for the holidays.

vegans are magical tee evanna lynch

The Harry Potter star helped us create this awesome cruelty-free seasonal basket filled with delightful treats, including vegan chocolate frogs and coins, a “Vegans Are Magical” tee, a cruelty-free bath bomb, a PETA bunny necklace, and loads more!

“[C]hocolate frogs … [are] the perfect vegan treat for any witch, wizard, or muggle—dairy-free and frog-free. And chocolate has healing powers. … Whether it’s owls, rats, or hippogriffs, be a hero for animals by going vegan today.”

—Evanna Lynch

Don’t miss out on this special, limited-edition basket, which is available now through December from the PETA Catalog. Whether the goodies are for a loved one or for yourself, they’ll make this holiday season one to remember. Hurry before they’re all sold out!

Feeling creative?

Like Evanna, you can show off your cooking skills. Check out her peta2 exclusive vegan cooking video and learn how to make your own vegan Chocolate Frogs.