Classic. Crowd-pleaser. Cheesy.

These are just some of the words used to describe peta2’s resident pun rights advocate, Christina, but they could just as easily apply to today’s flesh-free fare: the grilled ham and cheese-wich!


  • Pig flesh with vegan ham slices (available at most grocery and health food stores)
  • Butter with vegan margarine
  • Cheese with Daiya vegan mozzarella (there’s a world of options to choose from)

Other ingredients:

  • English muffins (many are accidentally vegan, I went with whole wheat)

Talk about idiot-proof; this is a super-simple recipe that is sure to satisfy both zombies and pyromaniacs alike.

To start, fire up your grill (or pre-heat the oven to 350, if you’re flammable). Spread a little margarine on the top and bottom of the English muffins. Lay both sides margarine-down on aluminum foil, and put stacks of “cheese” on both. Then, add the veggie ham slices to one of the stacks. Put the foil (and sandwich) on the grill and cover, to start melting the cheese. One it starts to melt, stack the cheesy side onto the hammy side, and ball it all up into a bomb of deliciousness. Let it cook on the grill for a few more minutes, turning frequently.

After a few minutes, pull it off the grill, open up the foil, and chop the ‘wich in half. Serve with a side of chips, pickles, or gloating.