Think there’s such a thing as cruelty-free eggs? Think again! PETA Germany just released an undercover investigation of three “free-range” egg farms, and what it found was the same kind of horror as on factory farms in the U.S.

The investigators found thousands of hens confined to filthy, windowless sheds. They videotaped dead and dying chickens among the living, and many birds were crawling with parasites, were missing most of their feathers, and had large sores all over their bodies—some of which oozed with pus! 🙁

In Germany, eggs labeled “bio,” which means organic and “humane,” are supposed to come from chickens with access to the outdoors, but PETA Germany’s investigators showed that the birds’ access to the outdoors was often blocked, sometimes by live electrical wires! “Free range,” “humanely raised,” and “certified” labels in the U.S. can also be deceiving! In fact, common cruel industry practices used on factory farms, such as debeaking, and literally throwing away male chicks at birth, also take place at many “free-range” farms. And like other factory-farmed hens, free-range hens are killed when their egg production declines.

Remember that the best way that you can help hens is by leaving eggs off your plate and asking your friends to do the same! Thanks to yummy vegan foods (like our easy tofu scramble with avocado), it has never been easier to ditch eggs for good!