Want to get out of dissection, but don’t know how? Well, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard and Mikey Way think that all you need to do is give the people in charge a good reason and a few simple alternatives. And trust us, there are plentyof both!

Millions and millions of animals are murdered each year just so that you can sit through the disgusting experience of dissecting corpses in biology class. While it’s bad enough that the animals are killed at all, the truth gets even harder to swallow when you realize that some of those animals used to be people’s companions. Yep, that’s right; dissection supply companies don’t feel guilty about picking up Fluffy from the side of the road and sending her off to be a cadaver.

If your teachers are still not convinced to check out some awesome alternatives try explaining that Jeffrey Dahmer discovered his love of brutalizing the living from—you guessed it—dissection. Perhaps then your teachers will be open to hearing about cruelty-free options like detailed models and computer simulations. If that still doesn’t convince them, remind them of all the money they’ll save in the long run because they won’t have to keep buying animals to cut up.

And if you don’t have a clue about who to talk to first, don’t worry, Gerard and Mikey are here for you. Watch their video for some ideas about who to speak with about dissection alternatives. Of course, we’re always here for you too. Check out our guide to getting dissection out of your school.