Most Chinese citizens do not support the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, and PETA Asia is working on the ground in China to urge Chinese citizens to condemn the slaughter of dogs and other animals for meat. But every year, the world watches in horror as thousands of dogs are cruelly killed in China.

It’s hard to imagine that dogs—who we consider our family members and best friends—are slaughtered, cooked, and eaten. And it’s even harder to think about the fear and confusion that they must experience when they’re crammed into cages with other dogs—as well as the agony that follows when they’re bludgeoned or skinned alive before being turned into pieces of meat.

Dogs-Behind-FenceBut there are easy ways that YOU can help dogs.

Contact Your Chinese Embassy

Cruelty like that at Yulin is the result of not having adequate animal-welfare laws. Please contact your Chinese Embassy and respectfully urge officials to do everything in their power to ban this cruel festival as well as to pass legislation that protects animals. Please be culturally sensitive, and remember that in nature, animals aren’t categorized as “food” or “companions.” So while in American culture, dogs are generally viewed as companion animals and cows, chickens, pigs, and other farmed animals are eaten, in some parts of Chinese society, dogs are slaughtered for food. In other parts of Chinese society, though, dogs are treated like companions. Find the nearest embassy here.

Stop Wearing Leather

Did you know that any leather that you wear could be a dog’s skin? A PETA Asia eyewitness investigation revealed that dogs are bludgeoned and killed in China—which produces much of the world’s leather—to make leather accessories. In one slaughterhouse, witnesses saw workers grab dogs, bash them over the head, and slit their throats—many while they were still conscious—before their skin was ripped from their bodies for the sake of fashion.


There’s no easy way to distinguish leather that was once a dog from leather that was a cow or a sheep, because it’s all skin. Many leather items are deliberately mislabeled or unlabeled. But behind the various products, the story is all the same: Leather shoes, gloves, belts, and handbags were once living, breathing beings.

Leave Cruelty off Your Plate

Dogs who are killed at the Yulin festival experience the same fear and suffering that countless other animals do when they’re killed for humans’ meals. The best way to stop dogs, cats, and all other animals from being killed for foods is to practice compassion for all living beings.Try vegan today!

 Spread the word to help dogs!

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