There are some bands that are guaranteed to put me in a good mood. Whether I’m heading to a party on Friday night or trying to drag myself out of bed on Monday morning, I can count on Hit The Lights to hype me up! As shocking as it is, I know not everyone loves pop-punk as much as I do, but take my word for it: If you aren’t into this band yet, you will be!

I first got into Hit The Lights in 2006 when they toured with one of my favorite bands, New Found Glory, and was instantly hooked. Their sound is a perfect mix of gang vocals, stage-dive-inducing breakdowns, and catchy harmonies. Touring early on with buzz bands like Valencia and Cute Is What We Aim For helped the band build a solid following of fans who stuck with them through a lineup change that many thought they couldn’t overcome.

To anyone doubting if the boys from Ohio could hold their own with their sophomore effort, Skip School, Start Fights, all you need to do is look at their schedule from the last year. Aside from opening up for Cobra Starship last fall and touring all over the world, Hit The Lights were part of this year’s massively successful AP Tour, playing sold-out shows coast to coast with The Maine and 3OH!3.

I hung out with Nick, Omar, Dave, Kevin, and Nate when the tour stopped in Richmond and picked their brains about finding unique alternatives to animal testing, what they think of girls who wear fur, and some slightly inappropriate Warped Tour memories.

Warning: This band is hilarious. I don’t recommend watching this video if you can’t take a joke.

As you can see, the dudes in Hit The Lights are ridiculous in the best sense of the word. Even though they’re just a “pop-punk band from Ohio,” they’re doing what they can to stand up for animals! You can take a stand against testing on animals (and babies!) by signing our cruelty-free pledge!