Every year, tens of thousands of seals are killed for their skins in the annual Canadian seal slaughter. The good news is that we are making progress! Opposition to the slaughter continues to grow every year, and major markets all over the world, including Mexico, Taiwan, the United States, the European Union (EU), and even Russia—which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts—have all banned seal fur.

In a last ditch effort to try to save the sealing industry, the Canadian government is challenging the EU ban in hopes that the World Trade Organization (WTO) will lift the ban, allowing more baby seals to be bludgeoned to death on the ice.

But that won’t happen if we can help it!

jude law approved starmax photo
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Speaking out on behalf of PETA UK, actor Jude Law penned a letter to the WTO urging panelists to uphold the EU-wide ban on seal fur in advance of its upcoming hearing on the issue. With the closure of all major seal-fur markets, there is no justification for keeping this cruel industry alive.

Rather than using the WTO to prop up a dying industry, Canada should pursue a buyout of the commercial sealing industry – a move that would help both seals and sealers. The world is watching and waiting – please uphold the EU ban.