Kelly Miller Circus is notorious for working with abusive animal exhibitors. Earlier this year, a concerned circusgoer sent PETA a video of a pony whose hooves had become extremely overgrown. She was visibly uncomfortable as she fidgeted and pawed at the ground. Finally, authorities ordered the circus to stop using her for rides.

In another disturbing incident, an eyewitness at a Kelly Miller performance testified to observing a handler beat an elephant until the animal screamed. Plus, the abusive circus has leased elephants from Carson & Barnes Circus, which has accrued more than 100 animal-welfare violations.

This year, Kelly Miller’s elephant act came from Carden Circus International. The handler, Joey Frisco, used to work for Ringling Bros. circus and was one of the handlers filmed hitting elephants in the face in PETA’s investigation of Ringling.

Another exhibitor with Kelly Miller was cited for keeping tigers in water-logged enclosures. And animals aren’t the only ones who have been put at risk by the circus. In 2011, three tigers escaped, and it took workers half an hour to recapture them.

OK, so what’s the good news? Compassionate people like you all over the world stood up against the revolting animal circus, and now owner John Ringling North II has called it quits!

More than 128,500 of you got in touch with over 50 of Kelly Miller’s sponsors and venues and told them that you want circuses to be animal-free.

It got more and more difficult for Kelly Miller to fill seats, and since many states and cities now restrict animal circuses, North said he wouldn’t be able to schedule bookings for the circus for 2018 unless it went animal-free. So he put it up for sale and retired!

Animal advocates had participated in dozens of demonstrations outside his shows and helped spread the word by sharing information on social media. In an interview with, North said this:

“It used to be that there were no animal activists .… People liked us. They were happy to see us when we came to town.”

Well, now that people like you are more informed than ever before about the suffering that occurs when animals are forced to perform in events like circuses, that’s no longer the case.

Because you keep speaking up for animals in need, more circuses are taking big steps in the right direction. Ringling’s doors are shut, Cole Bros. Circus was forced to stop touring, and Ramos Bros. Circus dropped its wild-animal acts. As more people like you take a stand against the cruelty of animal circuses, fewer animals will suffer!

Thank you for everything you have done for animals, and keep up the terrific work. Never go to any circus that uses animals and spread the word!