Kelly Osbourne became a celebrity in her own right after the enormous success of MTV’s reality show The Osbournes. Now, the singer, known for her spitfire personality and cutting-edge style, is using her voice and her famous face to speak out against Canada’s annual seal massacre by posing for peta2’s “Save the Seals” ad series.

Kelly and her famous family, headed by her parents Ozzy and Sharon, have always had a house full of animals they adore, so it’s only fitting that she would speak out against bashing baby seals’ skulls for their fur. During her photo shoot, Kelly said, “I decided to do the baby seal ad for PETA mainly because I feel I have a responsibility to let people know that fur is not for wearing—we’re not cavemen anymore. The saddest thing for me is just knowing baby seals, some of which have not even had their first meal, are going to be killed, and most of them are probably still alive when they’re skinning them.”

Kelly Osbourne's 'Save the Seals' Ad for peta2

Kelly Osbourne’s ‘Save the Seals’ Ad for peta2

Kelly joins an ever-growing list of people worldwide who are outraged that the Canadian government is still allowing this bloody massacre to continue.