When she’s not being named one of the “hottest chicks in metal” by popular music magazines or on stage singing with her chart-topping gothic metal band, Lacuna Coil, vocalist Cristina Scabbia is urging her fans to make the compassionate choice of purchasing products that weren’t tested on animals.

So why is this Italian metal vixen speaking up on behalf of bunnies, rats, mice, and guinea pigs in laboratories all over the world? When Cristina found out that there are still companies out there performing cruel tests on animals for cosmetics, hair-care products, and other personal-care items, despite the availability of humane alternatives—she jumped at the chance to star in our latest PSA for our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” campaign. Known for being both an amazing vocalist and strikingly beautiful, who better to represent the cruelty-free alternatives than the lovely Cristina?

Check it out …

Lacuna Coil: 'Animal Testing Breaks Hearts'
Lacuna Coil: “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts”
In laboratories, social animals just like the animal companions you may have at home live a life of loneliness and misery in cramped cages, being denied everything that is natural and important to them, and they face cruel and unnecessary experiments that force them to ingest and inhale products such as hairspray and household cleaners and have cosmetics rubbed into their eyes. Since these animals are not humans, these experiments often have inaccurate or misleading results. Join Cristina and hundreds of cruelty-free companies by taking a stand against animal testing by adding your signature to our tree of hearts here.