Morrissey, the ever-inspiring and lifelong animal rights activist who has spent decades speaking up for animals, has inspired millions of fans to speak up. From The Smiths’ Meat Is Murder album to raising awareness of the fur trade and factory farms, Morrissey is no stranger to animal rights! In his new ad for peta2, he continues his crusade for animals by asking you to eradicate the animal overpopulation crisis by spaying and neutering your companion animals.

Animal shelters are severely crowded, and millions of unwanted dogs and cats die every year in animal shelters because there just aren’t enough loving homes available for them. It’s considered lucky these days if they’re placed in an animal shelter, as there are so many homeless dogs and cats who are left to suffer on the streets. Sterilizing animals saves lives by preventing thousands of unwanted animals from being born. There are already enough unwanted dogs and cats out there. Join Morrissey in reminding people that the animal overpopulation crisis must not be ignored.