Otep is known for being a leading lady in metal and a passionate spokesperson for human rights, environmental issues, and politics. After interviewing Otep’s vegetarian frontwoman, Otep Shamaya, it became clear that the message in the group’s banner should also apply when keeping the rights of animals in mind.

Otep is a budding vegetarian and very educated when it comes to all areas of animal rights. She even mentioned that PETA videos and literature influenced her decision to adopt her new vegetarian diet. Otep says, “If we’re going to kill things to eat for our own sustenance, we should at least treat them like the heroes they are instead of the victims they become.”

See what I mean about Otep? She doesn’t hold back. Check out our interview with her below.

According to Otep, the band’s music can be described as, “The hopes of countless souls burning, yearning for emancipation” (animal souls likely included), and if that doesn’t sound passionate enough, I don’t know what does! Otep’s raw and energetic live show is not one to be missed, so make sure that you check out all the band’s tour dates on their MySpace page, and if they come through your town, be sure to grab that healthy dose of metal!

But before you get ready for your local Otep show, do your part in staying loud for animals by pledging to go vegetarian. Being vegetarian saves at least 100 animals a year, and if metal’s leading lady can do it, so can you!