Imagine taking a stroll when all of a sudden random strangers pick you up and pass you around to more strangers. You are terrified and try to escape, but they’re much stronger than you. They yank at your legs and pull on your body while randos snap photos.

This is what happened to a peacock in West Bengal, India. According to reports, police officers attempted to rescue the bird, but it was too late. He died in the police cruiser. Authorities and wildlife officials have launched an investigation.

So heartless.

Posted by New York Post on Saturday, June 9, 2018

This sad story is just the latest in a long list of animal deaths caused by selfie-snapping social media users. Please leave wild animals in peace and take pictures of them from a safe distance. No animal should die for a few “likes.”

If you ever witness anyone bullying an animal, call the police or animal control officials immediately. If they don’t act quickly, contact PETA.