Rick Thorne's AdRick Thorne has come a hell of a long way from a rough childhood in Missouri to being a BMX icon with sponsorships from Monster Energy Drinks, Rockstar Bikes, Draven, and Boost Mobile. But he’s never forgotten how much it sucks to be pushed around and treated like you don’t matter, which is why he jumped at the chance to star in peta2’s latest “Chains Are for Bikes, Not Dogs” ad and speak up for dogs who spend their whole lives chained up in a back yard like they were some kind of furry alarm system. We met up with Rick at Warped Tour this year to make the ad, shoot some footage, and hang out for a little while.

So, yeah. Now that you’ve seen the ad, if you know people who think it’s acceptable to keep their dog chained up outside all day, there’s a list of stuff you can do to help out here. Or, failing that, you could just print out a copy of Rick’s new ad, show it to them, and tell them as politely as possible to stop being such douchebags.