So we know that animals raised for food produce about 130 times more poop than the entire human population of the U.S., but have you ever wondered where their poop goes exactly? Well, I’ll tell you, but be warned: It’s nasty.

Pig Nose

On pig factory farmsthe floors are slatted to allow excrement (aka “poop”)—along with afterbirth, piglets who were accidentally crushed by their mothers or stillborn, antibiotic syringes, and even old batteries—to fall into a pit under the pens. Theses pits get drained into … wait for it … large hot pinkcolored poop ponds.

These ponds are so toxic that people have died after falling into them! As if it weren’t bad enough that they even exist, when Mother Nature strikes, these lagoons overflow, spreading the deadly pink goop all over the surrounding area. Umm … GROSS!

Disgusting, freakish things like this exist only because factory farms exist. Want to save the environment from these pink lagoons of toxic death? It’s simple: Go vegan!

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