Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, alt rockers Twin Atlantic are a smart, worldly band. They’ve shared the stage with The Gaslight Anthem and Angels and Airwaves and are currently gearing up to spend the entire summer on the Warped Tour. Twin Atlantic has built a solid repertoire over the last few years, and it gets even better than that, as bassist Ross McNae and drummer Craig Kneale are both enlightened vegetarians who are looking to do what they can to better themselves and the world around them. Watch our interview with Ross and Craig!

Inspired by Ross (a lifelong vegetarian), peta2’s interview with Cave In, our undercover investigations, and Sir Paul McCartney, Craig had a solid foundation of support when he decided to go vegetarian a few years ago. With such strong allies on his side, it’s no wonder that Craig took advantage of the benefits of vegetarian eating. From loads of extra energy, improved health, and a lowered carbon footprint, it’s the smartest and most compassionate choice anyone can make.

“My parents were massive fans of The Beatles,” remembers Craig, “and the fact that Paul McCartney was vegetarian … that was an influence because I was [also] a massive fan of The Beatles.” Sir Paul basically taught Craig that the easiest way to help animals is by not eating them! Once you go vegetarian, you’re taking a stand against factory farming and the cruelty towards chickens, cows, pigs, fish, and other animals who are raised for food. It’s great to see Ross’ and Craig’s vegetarian support system. You can find all the support you need here at peta2.com—including on our message boards and  on our Facebook page.