Whether you’re ready to stop paying for cows to suffer from painfully engorged udders while enduring unbearable heartbreak when their babies are taken away from them …

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Or you want to reduce your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other deadly diseases. And you’re just plain sick of being gassy and bloated all the time (!!!) …

Or you want to avoid consuming and supporting destructive “products” that are contributing immensely to ocean dead zones, greenhouse-gas emissions, rainforest destruction, species extinction, water waste, etc. …

This list of dairy “product” alternatives will make it so easy for you to achieve all those things and MORE! Even if dairy-based foods are a big part of your diet, barely anything has to change. Just swap them out for the awesome nondairy options below. It’s as easy as one, two, tweak.

And don’t worry if your local grocery store doesn’t carry some of these brands—all these products can be ordered online, and it’s likely that your grocery store carries other, similar vegan options that you can try out, too.

Keeping it simple for Christmas Eve dinner this year. After a hectic day of last minute shopping, I stopped by @abbyshealthfood with @jamgymnast and we found some vegan butternut squash ravioli from @rising_moon_pasta , some vegan roasted red pepper alfredo sauce from #victoriavegan , along with some frozen organic veggies. @followyourheart parmesan of course! ??? ☆ This meal took less than 30 minutes and was documented by @jamgymnast on video, which she is editing as I type this. ****************************************** ** UPDATE: YouTube link is in my Bio! ** ??? ☆ For dessert? Vegan chocolate chip cookies and some homemade cookies that @bella5212016 made yesterday with my sister-in-law and nephew. Delicious! ??? #veganbomb

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  • Cheese wheel: Try artisanal Vegan Cheese Wheels by Miyoko’s in Classic Double Cream Chive, Sundried Tomato Garlic, Garlic Herb, Rustic Alpine, Sharp Farmhouse, Smoked Farmhouse, Herbs de Provence, Black Ash, Winter Truffle, and Fresh Loire Valley flavors.

  • Cheesecake: Try Cheezecake by Daiya—it comes in New York, Key Lime, Chocolate, and Strawberry varieties.

  • Frozen burritos: Try microwaveable burritos by Amy’s Kitchen in Bean and Rice, Black Bean, Breakfast, and Tofu Scramble styles.

  • Hot Pockets: Try Pocket Meals by Gardein—they come in Eggless Scramble Breakfast, BBQ Porkless, Chick’n, and Meatless Pepperoni Pizza varieties.

Vegan @gardein hot pocket!

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  • Ice cream sandwiches: Try Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies’n Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip Tofutti Cuties.

Mornings made better with a smooth, creamy chocolatey brew. ?

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The consumption of dairy “products” is linked to an increased risk of developing acne, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and pervy-looking mustaches. Milk comes from cows who are kidnapped, confined, raped, mutilated, and slaughtered. Dairy industry workers kill precious baby cows. And dairy “products” are full of pus (mhmm). You deserve better.

This list—which contains just a teeny fraction of all the options out there—gives you a starting point for exploring the other dairy-free products that you might see in your grocery store. Other brands making delicious dairy-free foods include Annie’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyer’s, GO VEGGIE, Halo Top, Luna & Larry’s, Punk Rawk Labs, Silk, Talenti, Tofurky, Treeline Treenut Cheese, and so many others that we couldn’t include them all.

And did you know that you don’t even have to go to the grocery store to get nondairy foods? You can easily have deliciously cheesy vegan pizza delivered to your door.