You’ve heard that by going vegan you can spare countless animals from a life of misery, help save the planet, and leave cancerous foods out of your body—but if those reasons are just too intense for you, then consider these casual perks:

1. You can revel in the fact that your garbage disposal eats better than most people. / AwakenedEye 

2. You won’t be tempted to waste money on the unhealthy pastries displayed in cafés when you get coffee.

3. It’s OK if nothing important or cool has happened to you yet—you can still get a meaningful tattoo today.

chained elephant tattoo

4. You won’t have to eat the nasty gefilte fish at Passover. #ThankMoses

MSH: Are you really going to eat that? | Vaguely Artistic | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

5. You can enjoy heartwarming YouTube videos of cute cows and pigs without feeling conflicted.

6. You can usually sub free guac for dead animals at most places—a good deal by any standard.

7. Vegan airplane food always looks less disgusting than the meat option.




8. You can accidentally leave your vegan ranch on the table overnight after binge eating vegan pizza and passing out on the couch—it probably won’t spoil!

9. You can rest assured that your tacos aren’t ruining her life or her baby’s:


10. You’ll consume far less poop.

11. You won’t have to avoid making eye contact with the other sad people eating at McDonald’s …


12. … because your “happy meals” will actually be happy.

Vegan Chicken Wings

13. You can justify eating a vegan doughnut because it’s vegan and therefore healthy—that’s how that works, right?

14. If you undercook a vegan burger, it’ll taste bad; if you undercook a cow burger, it’ll taste bad and possibly make you violently ill.

15. You’ll make sense when you claim to care about animals.


16. Your hard-earned money won’t pay to have this happen:

17. Your shared values and positive vibes will keep the romance alive in your marriage to Liam Hemsworth.

18. You can do fun things with your posse.


19. You’ll have logic on your side.

20. You can feel free to take longer showers—you earned it, kiddo.

21. You can eat cupcakes that are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

22. This image will make you feel good about your choices, not sad and cancery:

23. You can wear cool clothes.


24. The ice cream sandwiches are so delicious that you’ll even want to eat them in the middle of a hailstorm.

25. You won’t have sentenced anyone else to death while you’re thinking about why you’re thankful for your life.

26. You’ll have fantastic photo ops.

Vegan Photo Ops

27. You can eat all your favorite foods without putting dead animals, chicken menstruation cycles (aka “eggs”), cow’s breast milk, or rancid milk fat (aka “dairy-based cheese”) into your body.


28. This could be you:


29. You can join forces with Leonardo DiCaprio to help save the planet.

30.You can do actual good!



Now that you’re convinced, ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it—order our free “Guide to Going Vegan” today! *Heads up: Orders can take up to six weeks to arrive. If you need materials sooner than this, please contact us so we can help you out. If you have already requested that another pack be sent to you, please wait until you have received and used up that pack before ordering another 🙂

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