This—NOT That: How to Have a Vegan-Friendly Easter

Easter celebrations should never harm animals. Period. 💁 Chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, ducks, and other animals are at increased risk this time of year. 😢 Here’s the good news: By making a few simple swaps here and there, you can have all the compassionate Easter fun you want. Check out these vegan-friendly Easter tradition tweaks.


This: Vegan Roast • NOT That: Ham/Lamb

Putting an animal’s carcass on the table totally kills the festive vibe. 😒 Instead of making ham or lamb for Easter, cook up a vegan roast from a brand like Tofurky. Try Tofurky’s Ham Roast With Amber Ale Glaze for a tender, smoky flavor or its Roast & Gravy for a delightful wild rice and bread crumb stuffing. 👌

This: Soy-Based Quiche • NOT That: Egg- and Dairy-Based Quiche

Planning an Easter brunch? Veganize this classic dish to help prevent chickens and cows from suffering in the egg and dairy industries. 🐔🐮 Just use soy milk, tofu, and tasty vegan cheese to replace nonvegan ingredients—and add it to any cooked veggies you like.

This: Vegan Cake • NOT That: Nonvegan Cake

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Do you love cake but not all the time and energy it takes to bake it? 😶 First of all, you’re real for that. 👏 Second, these five vegan cake recipes are as easy as it gets. Just add water, soda, applesauce, or other simple ingredients to boxed cake mixes to make mouthwatering chocolate, pumpkin spice, and orange dreamsicle cakes. 🎂😋

This: Deviled Potatoes • NOT That: Deviled Eggs

Chickens in the egg industry are smushed into cramped cages and kept in miserable conditions for their entire lives. 😭 We can’t support this cruelty by making deviled eggs—but if you love the deviled style, just use potatoes for your base instead. 🥔 Filled with vegan mayonnaise and Dijon mustard, delish deviled potatoes never disappoint.

This: Animal-Friendly Cookies • NOT That: Cookies With Animal-Derived Ingredients

We’ll jump on any excuse to eat vegan cookies. 😏 Try making sugar cookies using nondairy butter and vegan icing. If you have different colors of vegan icing, you can add some bright Easter decor. 🌸 Use a cookie cutter in the form of a rabbit, a chick, or another Easter-related animal to make them extra festive!


This: Compassionate Easter Basket • NOT That: Harmful Easter Basket

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Fill your Easter basket with only animal-friendly items. This list takes you through all kinds of vegan Easter candies you can enjoy—from chocolate crème eggs and bunnies to jellybeans and gummies. 🍫 Oh, and don’t buy fake grass for your basket—dogs, cats, squirrels, mice, and other animals could ingest it and get sick.

This: Decorating Humane Items • NOT That: Decorating Eggs

We need to help save chickens from the cruelty of the egg industry, so decorating chickens’ eggs for Easter just ain’t it. You can still tap into your artsy side by decorating something that wasn’t taken from an animal. 🎨 Smooth rocks, vegan marshmallows, and potatoes all make great canvasses—just be sure to use vegan art supplies, too.

This: Hen-Friendly Hunt • NOT That: Easter Egg Hunt

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Besides propping up an industry that deprives chickens of everything that’s natural and important to them, hiding their eggs for an Easter egg hunt is dangerous for humans. 😬 To help us avoid salmonellosis and other bacterial infections, doctors warn us not to eat eggs after they’ve been played with or hidden. 🤢 It’s safest for chickens and humans if you instead hide plastic eggs filled with vegan candies or other cruelty-free treats.

This: Buying Appropriate Gifts • NOT That: Buying Animals

Buying someone (or yourself) a gift for Easter is great, unless that gift is an animal. 🙅 Every year, consumers buy baby rabbits and ducks as Easter gifts—and they realize after the holiday that caring for them is a whole lotta work, which leads many to neglect or abandon the animals. 🐇🦆😰 Help break this cruel cycle by never buying animals as holiday gifts! Be sure to spread the word to your friends, family, and community.


Does learning about the egg industry make you sick? You have the power to help save hens from this cruelty—use this egg leaflet to convince other consumers to skip eggs when shopping!

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