Beauty shouldn’t have an ugly side.

But let’s be real—there are dozens of companies that STILL test on animals, and it ain’t cute. Why should you care? Well, think about it: Would you want your cat or dog to go through all the horrible procedures that animals in labs do (i.e., being locked up, poisoned, blinded, and even KILLED!)?

Even if you don’t have a furry companion, would you want to go through that yourself? Of course not, and NO ONE should ever have to. Especially not for some damn lipstick. Shoot.


Plus, testing products meant for humans on nonhuman animals is just ridic. Our bodies are not the same, so what works for another species could be potentially dangerous for humans!

Ummm … Can we say POINTLESS? Besides, animals are basically the coolest.


Am I right?


Now, I know what you might be thinking—avoiding cosmetics means sportin’ that crunchy, earthy sister look. But who says you have to avoid makeup altogether?

There are plenty of brands going cruelty-free these days, thanks to conscious consumers who have demanded it. Sure, options were limited back in the day …

Vegan Makeup Grass

Buchloe dactyloides | Matt Lavin | CC By-SA 2.0 

But now, there’s literally EVERYTHING you can think of:

PSSSTTT: Cosmetics don’t have to be expensive, either. Whether you prefer an au naturel look or you’re all about that glam life, cruelty-free makeup has something for everyone and can be found at your local drugstore at a beautiful price.



1. Need to hide a big zit? NYX‘s Concealer Wand will do the trick.


2. Plus, Milani‘s Even Touch Powder Foundation is great for evening out skin tones.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.19.21 AM

Milani Cosmetics 

3. And here’s some bug-free powder blush if you’re into that fancy contouring ish.



4. Bring out those eyes with a fun Runway Eyes Eyeshadow palette by Milani.


Tip: Skip the ones that contain carmine (dead bugs!).


(Note: Only the Designer Browns, Couture in Purples, and Backstage Basics palettes are vegan. Other Milani vegan items are clearly marked.)


5. Butttttt … don’t do it without some eye primer from Jordana first.


Makes a HUGE difference—trust me.

6. The best liquid liner ever:




7. Now swap that Sharpie for one these NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencils!



8. Can’t go wrong with $1.50 Jordana Lip Gloss that works like a charm.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.10.32 AM
Tip: Skip the ones that contain carmine (dead bugs!) & lanolin.


9. Or these NYX Butter lipsticks.


NYX Cosmetics 


Haaaaave I mentioned how much I love NYX?


Tip: Skip the ones that contain carmine (dead bugs!).



10. Obsessed with nail art? Well at $1 a bottle for Wet N Wild polish, you can pimp out those nails all day, EVERY DAY.



11. Having the right brushes can be the deciding factor between being complimented on your flattering eyeshadow and looking like you just straight up threw some ASH on your face.

So try Eco Tools—the company’s products are vegan and sustainable and can be found at your local grocery store:


12. Oh, and can’t forget the eyelash curler. It works just as well as the brand-name curlers but only costs six bucks!

eyelash curler

Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

Looking for items that aren’t mentioned on this list? Well, don’t trip, because there are more products to choose from than we can name. Make it easy on yourself and order our FREE cruelty-free shopping guide:

peta2 cruelty-free shopping guide

Google It!

At the store and still can’t tell if the product you want is safe? Just Google it! It only takes two seconds but will make a huge difference for all our animal friends!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.07.46 AM

Beauty Without Bunnies

Or better yet use our Beauty Without Bunnies searchable database!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.10.10 PM



Remember that each time you purchase a product that’s been tested on animals, you’re directly supporting an industry that does this:


And this:

PETA-owned. From A.V. department. Investigation Image.

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