Cruelty-free cosmetics brand ColourPop has some of the best lipsticks, eye shadows, and highlighters on the market, and they’re super-affordable! So we were stoked to see that the brand has launched a limited-edition My Little Pony line.

Here are some of our favorites from the My Little Pony collection, and they’re totally vegan:

Trickles Pressed Powder Highlighter—$8

This opalescent highlighter will give your face a gorgeous glow. Note: The Trickles powder is vegan, but the other shade—Starflower—is not.

colourpop my little pony, my little pony makeup, cruelty-free makeupBrush Set—$22

These adorable pink brushes are made with synthetic bristles instead of animal fur or hair.

colourpop my little pony makeup, vegan makeup brushes

Ultra Glossy Lip in Ponyland, Dream Castle, and Flutter Valley—$6

Ultra Glossy Lip is a high-shine, super-moisturizing, metallic lip gloss.

colourpop my little pony

Ultra Matte Lip in Lemon Drop, Pin Wheel, and Moondancer—$6

ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lip is a personal favorite. It stays on all day, and it’s nearly identical to the long-lasting liquid lipsticks that are sold at Sephora for more than double the price.

colourpop my little pony collection, cruelty free matte lipscitkMakeup Bag—$18

A large metallic bag with a Princess Sparkle zipper.

colourpop my little pony collection, colourpop cruelty-free

Super Shock Shadow in Posey—$5

A glittery cream-powder eye shadow. Note: The Sunbeam and Cherries Jubilee shades aren’t vegan.

colourpop my little pony, cruelty-free makeup
You can help animals in laboratories!

Every year all around the world, experimenters poison and kill hundreds of thousands of animals in cruel cosmetics tests.? But the good news is that ColourPop and more than 2,800 other compassionate companies don’t test on animals and refuse to sell their products in places where such tests are required. ?

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