Being cruelty-free is always in style. There are tons of companies that don’t test on animals, so getting your dream hair color should never come at the cost of an animal’s well-being. Check out these awesome hair color brands that are vegan-approved:

Manic Panic

Manic Panic is one of the most popular cruelty-free hair color brands for good reason. You can order any color you can think of on the company’s website, and their unique hair color formula is gentle to the hair and contains no animal by-products. It also sells a pastel diluter called “Pastelizer” that you can add to any of its dyes to lighten the shade.

Special Effects

Special Effects is another cruelty-free brand that’s been around forever. The colors are more vibrant than pastel, but you can always buy a color and dilute it with any cruelty-free white conditioner to get the shade you want.

Splat Hair Chalk

Not into dyeing your hair permanently? Luckily, Splat Hair Chalk can give you the color you want with zero commitment. You can wash it out whenever you want.

Color commitment issues? Try temporary hair chalk. I have personally used #splathairchalk.?

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Salons and Barbershops

If you’re not so skilled at coloring your own hair, many salons use cruelty-free products. You can call your local salon or barbershop and ask which product line its stylists use. Both Paul Mitchell and Aveda are cruelty-free companies that also have their own salons throughout the U.S.

Paul Mitchell

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When it comes to getting a vibrant or pastel color, it’s usually necessary to bleach your hair to a very light shade first. While this might seem scary, a professional can help you, and there are a lot of natural ways to help get your hair back to health post-bleach. You can use coconut oil or avocado masks or even just leave your conditioner on your hair in the shower for five or so minutes. Special Effects and Manic Panic both carry hair bleach products if you want to try to bleach it yourself, but we recommend going to a pro.

If you ever have any concerns about whether or not brands are tested on animals, check out our cruelty-free database. If you still aren’t sure, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll help you figure it out. Now get out there and spread some color!

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