Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a traditional holiday celebrated in Mexico and Central American countries on the first two days of November. November 1 is Día de los Inocentes, or “Day of the Children,” and November 2 is All Souls Day, or the Day of the Dead. Simply put, this holiday is a celebration of life—and it’s loads of fun, too!

It’s also quite popular in the United States. Whether you already know about this amazing holiday or you’re curious to learn how you can join in on the fun, we have a few key tips to help you veganize your celebration. Check them out:

1. Build an Ofrenda for Your Animal Companions Who Have Passed On

An ofrenda, or “offering,” is a collection of objects put on an altar to honor deceased loved ones and invite them to the altar. You can make your ofrenda as elaborate or basic as you’d like. Objects commonly used are images of various saints, candles, and your deceased loved one’s favorite toys and snacks, like sweets, fruits, and desserts. Don’t forget to include an image of your animal companion(s)!

2. Buy Food, Skull Candy, and Bread of the Dead (or Make Them Yourself!)

One of the reasons why Día de los Muertos is so amazing is the food. Traditional dishes are dedicated to the deceased, so the idea is to make super-delish foods that’ll make them feel welcome. Don’t forget the two most important vegan treats—pan de muerto, which means “bread of the dead,” and calaveritas de azúcar, or “sugar skulls.” Yum!

3. Look Fabulous With Cruelty-Free Face Paint and Traditional Attire

It’s all in the details ?✨?✨? I just love everything about Dia De Los Muertos – the costumes, the vibes, the flowers, the family & friends, the culture and of course celebrating the life of the loved ones that are no longer with us in this world….but they are ALWAYS always present in our hearts.❤️My costume is in honor of the love we have for those loved ones we miss so much. ✨✨✨? Todo está en los detalles ?✨?✨? Me encanta todo lo de Dia De Los Muertos: los disfraces, las vibras, las flores, la familia y los amigos, la cultura, y por supuesto la celebración de la vida de los seres queridos que ya no estan con nosotros en este mundo … pero SIEMPRE siempre están presentes en nuestros corazones. ❤️ Mi disfraz es en honor al amor que tenemos por aquellos seres queridos que tanto extrañamos.???✨………. #LAdayofthedead #hollywoodforever #hollywoodforevercemetery #hwdforever #diadelosmuertos #diadelosmuertosmakeup #sacredheart #sacredheartcostume #sagradocorazon

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You’ve probably seen people wearing skull face paint and festive clothing. This skull is the iconic catrina, which represents death in Mexican culture. Check out our list of cruelty-free cosmetic brands, and watch a catrina face-painting tutorial—like this one!

4. Write Your Own Calaverita Poem

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Calaveritas literarias, or “literary skulls,” are poems that usually have a witty or funny tone. With these poems, you can express your feelings for your loves ones who have passed on. Let your artistic flare show and draw skulls around your poem!

5. Hang Out With Family, Friends, and Animal Companions

Día de los Muertos reminds us all of the importance of having loved ones in our corner. Whether you spend the special holiday honoring those who have passed on, eating delish vegan food, praying, or partying, be sure to cherish the individuals who are special to you. Isn’t that one of the best things about life?

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