Being vegan is super-easy. To prove it, I’ve put together a list of my favorite vegan food hacks! Give these a try, and you can thank me after the food coma.

1.   Use soda instead of eggs when baking.

Vegan cake with soda

I know this defies the baking gods, but I promise that it works! Combine your favorite accidentally vegan cake mix and one can of your favorite soda and bake according to the package directions. The combinations are endless: chocolate cake and cherry soda, strawberry cake and lime soda, vanilla cake and orange soda … the list goes on and on! And the best part? No chicken periods in your cake. Woo!

2.   Use hummus or avocado instead of mayo in sandwiches.

Hummus pita

Out of Vegenaise? No problem! Hummus is vegans’ secret weapon. It’s full of flavor and packed with protein, and it makes for an UH-STOUNDING sandwich spread!

perfect avocado

Same goes with avocados—they are known as nature’s butter!

3.   Scan for animal ingredients.

Vegan products are EVERYWHERE. You just need to master the art of scanning for animal ingredients. But don’t worry—it’s a super-easy skill to learn.  Most products have a line at the end of the ingredients list that mentions if they are made with dairy ingredients or eggs since some people can easily get sick from consuming them. (Duh! We’re talking about cow boob milk and chicken periods. Are you surprised that they can make people sick?)

Click the button below to avoid yucky animal ingredients.

common animal ingredients in food

BAM! Now head to your 7-Eleven and get your vegan snack on!

4.   Make vegan doughnuts with refrigerated biscuits. 

vegan donuts

I’m not even playing, this actually works! Deep-fry store-bought biscuits (the ones that come in a can) to make vegan doughnuts. And yep, many brands at the store are accidentally vegan (see hack 3).

5.   Turn frozen bananas into ice cream.

banana ice cream

DIY ice cream exists, and it can even be healthy! You might need this recipe after overdosing on those doughnuts (see hack 4).

6.   Pack your salad in a jar to keep it fresh! 

vegan salad in a jar

2013 seems to be the year of the mason jar, but peta2 staffer Chelsi showed us that these jars are more than just hipster accessories—they’re also great for storing saladsJust pour a little dressing in the bottom, pile on your fave ingredients, and seal real tight. Take it to school, then just shake the jar (closed, duh) to spread the dressing. Enjoy!

7.   Combine vegan sour cream with a seasoning pack.

vegan sour cream dip

Missing your favorite potato chip dip? Buy an accidentally vegan seasoning pack and a container of Tofutti Sour Cream and mix. This hack is a total crowd-pleaser! P.S. This tip comes from peta2 staffer Rachelle Owen.

8.   Create a homemade tofu presser.

Tofu can be a little intimidating, but once you figure out how to get most of the water out of it—psh, it’s a total breeze! Here’s what you do: Put the tofu on a plate and cover with a paper towel followed by another plate, then pile on any heavy items you have around (cans, books, your little brother, anything works!).

Check out these awesome things that you can make with tofu!

tofu collage

9.   Remember: ALL these things are vegan!

vegan junk food


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peta2 recipe text message

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Do you have any vegan food secrets or hacks? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂