So, there’s this boy. He’s smart, cute, and super-sweet. His one flaw: He’ thinks animals are ours to use for entertainment, food, and clothing. 

Meet the boy

And there’s this cute vegan chick. She loves getting caught in the rain, taking dust baths, and going for long walks on the beach.


They meet.

what a cute chick

foolproof way to

Milk chocolates.

milk chocolates

Milk chocolates? What was he thinking? Cow’s milk is NOT for this chick—it’s for baby cows. ALMOND MILK ONLY, PLEASE! Cow’s milk has pus and blood in it. GROSS!!! 



The cute chick is a little bummed, but the boy does not give up! He thinks to himself, “What can I do to cheer this chick up?”

i got it

Two tickets to see the Ringling Bros. circus! Nugget loves animals, so she’ll LOVE seeing elephants, tigers, and lions performing tricks. This has to win her over!

circus tix

He did not just go there!


nugget hates the circus!

Ringling trainers beat elephants and keep them in chains for most of their lives. Animals don’t perform because they want to. They perform because they’re scared not to.


Who said that dating was easy?


This boy really has to do something to sweep this chick off her feet and make things right.

what can i do

leather jacket

Let’s hope that the boy got her size right. I can’t see anything else going wrong with this!


nugget hates leather

When you buy products made from the skins of cows, you’re supporting the horrors of factory farming, including castration, branding, tail-docking, and dehorning, all of which are often performed without the use of painkillers.


tough love

This boy really messed things up, and Nugget refuses to speak to him. What chick would ever want to date a guy who supports cruelty to animals? Until one day … They run into each other.

oh hey


jumping for joy

All along, the key to this chick’s heart was helping animals. Once he realized that animals are not ours to use, he started being more compassionate, and this boy got the chick of his dreams!


But the happiest part about this ending is that this boy will save tons of animals from suffering by never buying tickets to a circus, zoo, or aquarium and by leaving them off his plate and our of his wardrobe! 

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