Kentucky is becoming a vegan hot spot.? As more and more compassionate people are switching to vegan eating, business is boomin’ in the Bluegrass State! Don’t believe me? Bless your heart! Take a look:

Morels Cafe

I honestly think everything on this menu ? gets a well-deserved 10 out of 10, but if you don’t have time to eat everything, these items are MUST-tries in my book:

Farby Sandwich

Chick-Faux-Le Buffalo Style Sandwich


This entire shop is vegan! You’ll go for the chocolates, but believe you me, you’ll stay for the key lime pie. ?


Key Lime Pie


Lend me your shoulder—this eatery’s vegan fish sandwich has me in tears. ? The entire menu is vegan, but these items might just be my faves:

Pizza Loaded Mac

Vegan Fish Sandwich 


I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life—I just want you to be the best you possible, and if you aren’t eating this vegan mac and cheese, you’re really making a mistake. There are several ? bomb vegan options that are clearly marked on Minton’s menu, but start with these:

The Lucy

Sriracha Tempeh Salad Sandwich

Heart & Soy

This restaurant’s vegan options are sure to dill your pickle. Nearly the entire menu is vegan, but don’t worry your little head—all items are clearly marked. ?

Quang’s Traditional Yellow Noodles

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad

Oh, hi Vietnamese salad and spring rolls.

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Alfalfa Restaurant

You could have breakfast, dinner, and supper here! The menu has many vegan options that are clearly marked, but make sure to order these:

The Hott Fezz

Tofu Burrito

Joella’s Hot Chicken

Joella knows vegan chicken, and she ain’t kiddin’ around!

Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine

The peanut vegan bowl will probably blow your mind. All the vegan options are clearly labeled, and you’ll want to try them all!



Mafen veg and brown rice?

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Don Señor Express

A build-your-own–style place with burritos, nachos, bowls, quesadillas, and more! It even offers vegan ranch dressing, cheese, beefless crumbles, and horchata. Get the vegan queso on whatever you order, because why wouldn’t you? ?

Veggie Bowl

Jackfruit and Queso Fried Burrito

Fennel and Fig

Catch this cute little vegan pop-up at a farmer’s market near you, because it’s making dreams come true with adorable and delicious pie tarts and other yummy treats.?

Strawberry Compote and Homegrown Mint Pie-Tart

Totally Decadent Fudge Brownies

Noodle Nirvana

A build-your-own noodle restaurant! You can easily make a custom vegan dish: Just choose the vegan ingredients, which are clearly marked.

Mom’s Curry Over Glass Noodles

Spicy Lime Ramen with Garlic and Sautéed Zucchini

Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe

This eatery offers a full vegan menu, including bánh mì, chili cheese fries, and nacho bowls. ? The Vegan Shrimp Po Boy should really be called a rich boy, because wowowowow!

Vegan Shrimp Po Boy

Vegan shrimp is back! #richboys

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Chiliest Cheeziest Fries

The Chiliest Cheeziest Fries. ??? #noguilt

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Flora Kitchenette

This spot offers a full vegan menu, including Kentucky’s best chocolate chip cookies, apple toast, biscuits and gravy, meatball subs, and more. Some of the best desserts on this side of the Mississippi can be found here.

Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Cupcakes


Archa Nine Thai Kitchen

I could say so much about this place, but its vegan section really says it all: “Vegan Glory”! Pro tip: Save room for the coconut milk ice cream.

Wealthy Tofu

Tofu Satay

Tofu Satay! Delicious. #tofu #vegan #veg #vegansofig

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Good Foods Co-op

This grocery store carries a ton of vegan specialty items, but its hot bar is really what I’m livin’ for! It always has plenty of vegan options that are clearly labeled.

I’m a sucka for the Sriracha Maple Bacon Jerky, but TBH, I haven’t tried a variety I didn’t like.

And of course, for all my Kentucky friends who are wondering: Ale-8-One is vegan, too.

This is only a mighty fine samplin’ of the vegan options you can find hidin’ in Kentucky. Check out our “Secret Vegan Menus at Your Favorite Chain Restaurants” for more options!