DYK that a Korean market can actually be a vegan food gold mine? Don’t let the thought of fish sauce scare you away. There are plenty of yummy things to eat that don’t harm fish—or any animals for that matter. 🙂

1. Sahmyook soy milk

soy milkMy family used to get this delivered to our door every morning. I loved the strawberry flavor.

2. H2C coconut water

water 3. Chew & Real potato snacks

chew and real
4. Samlip cookies 

5. Rice cakes

korean snacks 6. Haitai sweet red bean bar—I know this sounds scary, but it actually tastes like candy!

candy bar 7. Il Kwang blueberry candies

hard candy
8. Mammos coffee- and mint-flavored candies

hard candy 9. Haechandle soybean and red pepper pastes

soy bean paste 10. Nongshim ramyun

korean style ramen 11. Kalguksu (fresh noodles)—These egg-like noodles are the perfect addition to any soup.

pasta 12. Tofu

soy beans 13. Kimchi—This is traditionally made with fish, shrimp, or oyster sauce, so I was ecstatic to see that my local Korean-food store carried a vegan option. White kimchi is often already vegan.

fermented vegetables 14. Prepared rice—You know I couldn’t have made a Korean-food list without mentioning rice. 😉

cooked rice

15. The deli section often has a lot of vegan choices, too. Just be sure to double-check the labels.

Korean deli

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