There’s a lot more to Seattle than just rain and overall awesomeness.

By that, we mean that it’s one of the most delicious vegan destinations—and you should have it at the top of your travel wish list. Seattle is the home of Starbucks, the famous Gum Wall that you keep seeing on Instagram, hip vibes, and a plethora of vegan and vegan-friendly eateries.

Let’s go over the highlights. (Prepare yourself for some serious food envy.)

Wayward Vegan Cafe

An all-vegan Seattle must! This place is known for its massive ethical menu and will leave you in a highly desirable food coma.

Tempeh Tantrum with cheesy stuffed hash browns and savory tofu scramble ?? #vegan

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

This is pretty much as “Seattle” as it gets. Visitors have called this magical caffeinated place the “Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory” of coffee shops. It’s a gorgeous building that’s totally dedicated to our favorite bean juice. Pro tip: Don’t forget to take a super-hip pic of your coffee for your Insta. #aesthetic

Origin country ➡️ #StarbucksRoastery ➡️ You ☕️❤️ #StarbucksReserve

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Elm Coffee Roasters

Coffee is life—write that down. Seattle also has many really hip smaller coffee shops, like Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square. Here, you can get a variety of plant-based milks added to your coffee. Check out this silky cold brew with hazelnut milk:

The beauty of a cold brew with fresh hazelnut milk ?

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Plum Bistro

If eating at one of the best vegan spots in the country is on your food bucket list, don’t miss Plum Bistro. Its entrées and appetizers are as lifesaving as they are killer. The mac ‘n’ cheese is a serious highlight, and many of those who have indulged consider it one of the best out there. 

Tempeh Vermouth ? exquisite. #vegan

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Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

Ethiopian cuisine is so flavorful and filling—and we can’t recommend getting it in your life enough. Traditionally, you eat with your hands and get stacks of a fresh Ethiopian bread called injera, which is made from a grain called teff, to eat all the lentil and veggie dishes with. This food seriously tastes as beautiful as it looks.

Obsessed with Ethiopian food ❤️

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Bang Bang Café

Known for its vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, this is a tasty spot to hit up for paninis, burritos, gorgeous lattes, and Insta-worthy brunching.


Although it’s not an all-vegan restaurant, Tsukushinbo does have vegan soups, veggie tempura, and delicious veggie rolls. Veggie rolls are love—because fish are friends, NOT food.  

Matcha Cocktail, Veggie Tempura, Agedashi Tofu ? #vegan

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Taco Time

Up in the Pacific Northwest exists a tasty fast-food chain called Taco Time, which uses regional ingredients and compostable packaging and has lots and lots of vegan and “veganizable” menu items. Be sure to check out the veggie Fit-Hit Bowl! 

Veggie Grill

This favorite vegan chain has THREE locations in Seattle. Try all the VG classics, like the Mondo Nachos, B-Wing Salad with Buffalo wings, fresh Quinoa Power Salad, or Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ sandwich.

#tbt to a splendid lunch date ❤️ #veglife

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Cinnamon Works

Pike Place Market is a must for any hungry tourist—especially if you love vegan cookies the size of your face and cinnamon rolls you want to roll up and take a nap in. Cinnamon Works is a really sweet spot, with lots of vegan delights that you can eat while walking around and sipping fresh-brewed coffee. (Side note: The first-ever Starbucks is located across the street.)

When you find yourself holding a giant #vegan cinnamon roll and wonder how you got this far in life without it.

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Sizzle Pie

This radical pizza place has locations in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, as well as in Seattle! With a whole case stacked high with pies, you can grab a slice of one of the vegan pies of the day or order a fresh whole pie to share (or eat entirely by yourself—no shame).

Loving Hut

If you love, love, love tasty vegan Chinese food as much as we do, stop by Loving Hut for a massive all-vegan menu of lovely dishes. The chain can be found in a number of cities—but if you’re in Seattle, why not grab a plate of rainbow noodles and a side of stir-fry? 

This stuff is so effing good. I can't get enough bitter Chinese greens! Rainbow noodles forever! #veganseattle

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In The Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Bistro

This is an all-vegetarian spot that’s vegan-friendly. It’s a great place for all things Thai, including soups, curries, noodle dishes, fried rice, and more.

Chick'n fried rice? All vegan of course??

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Highline (21+)

This eatery, pub, and music venue in Capitol Hill certainly rocks the vegan scene in Seattle. The all-vegan menu is loaded with tacos, fish ‘n’ chips, stuffed sandwiches, and fried goodness.

701 Coffee

This all-vegan coffee shop and bakery in the heart of central Seattle also sports a savory menu featuring sandwiches, burritos, excellent appetizers, and breakfast options.

This is what happens when a chef opens an espresso shop…you end up with a BBQ Sammich on the menu!

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Pigs Peace Sanctuary and Vegan Haven

Just north of rainy Seattle is a magical place called Pigs Peace Sanctuary, where hundreds of animals roam, safe and sound, across more than 40 acres of grassy pastures and cozy forest. There’s even an area called “The Nursery,” where workers raise all the perfect piglets they rescue.

While the sanctuary is supported by donations, it also runs an all-vegan grocery store in Seattle called Vegan Haven. Don’t forget to stop by and stock up for a super Seattle picnic at the Olympic Sculpture Park or the famous Alki Beach Park.

Hungry yet?

If you can’t get to Seattle for an Instagram-worthy, food-based vacation, check out some of peta2’s recipes and create some of your own epic eats.

Happy eating! 🙂 

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