The holidays are an awesome time of year, with gifts, friends and fam, parties, and fooood! But it can be a major bumout when you have to stare at the dead, burned flesh of a formerly intelligent, and loving animal. We already hooked you up with great vegan turkey alternatives. Now let’s talk about how to keep pigs off your table, too. Here are our favorite ham alternatives:


Tofurky Vegetarian Ham Style Roast

OMG! We just tried this new roast at the PETA office and it was delicious. Your whole family will love this roast. ?

Field Roast Smokey Forager’s Roast 

Field Roast makes three great roasts that are perfect for a holiday feast! We think the best alternative to ham is their Smokey Forager’s Roast with pineapple mustard glaze.

Vegetarian Plus Vegan Ham Roll

Even your meat-loving relatives will love this spot-on “ham”.

Whaaaa!?! Vegan ham roll??? I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this at @wholefoods. Has anyone tried it??? ????

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May Wah Vegetarian Market

May Wah hooks it up with several different kinds of vegan hams, including vegan smoked ham, stewed ham, chicken ham, and fish ham. (I don’t know what “fish ham” is, but I think I need to try it.)

Vegan smoked ham by May Wah NYC

May Wah 


Another awesome ham loaf.

Loving Hut Cheerful Spring Vegan Ham Log

That’s right, you can buy a yummy vegan ham from the national restaurant chain! If there’s no Loving Hut near you, don’t fret: Just order your Cheerful Spring Vegan Ham Log online 🙂

Loving Hut Cheerful Spring Log vegan ham alternative


Bonus: The ham loaves also are the perfect leftovers to make post-holiday sandwiches with. Yum!

Deli Style

Yves Veggie Ham

Lightlife Smart Deli Ham

Sweet Earth Harmless Ham Deli Slices

Tofurky Smoked Ham Style Deli Slices

Holiday Tip: Spice up your vegan roast by wrapping it in a layer of  the above meatless ham slices. Keep it covered while cooking until the last 15 minutes or so and make sure you brush it generously with some melted vegan margarine, olive oil and herbs, or whatever flavorings you like to keep it moist.


Tofurky Ham and Cheese Style Pocket

Better than any Hot Pocket, this quick meal is a perfect snack or lunch.

Support Local

If you’re lucky, your town has a natural-food store or another vegan-friendly restaurant. Ask the store’s employees about what vegan options they may have. For example, Los Angeles-area restaurant Vinh Loi Tofu—famous for its homemade tofu and faux meats—offers a 1-pound “ham” for just $12!

Vinh Loi Tofu vegan meat

Photo: Vinh Loi Tofu Facebook 


Making your own seitan is really not that scary, trust. Grab the basic recipe from vegan goddesses Sarah Kramer or Isa Chandra Moskowitz and have fun. Kramer has a ham-flavored seitan recipe in one of her books, or try experimenting with different flavors on your own.

Our most successful "ham" yet! ? #vegan #seitanroast #whatveganseat #veganham

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Try one, try ’em all, but most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy your holiday with the people who mean the most to you. And who knows? You might even convince a family member or friend to ditch dead animals for good!

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