It’s 2017, and more and more people are realizing that eating animal flesh and dairy products is not only cruel but also bad for the environment and our health. That could be why Chipotle has updated its website to feature a special ordering guide for vegans

Just go to the restaurant’s website and click on the “Nutrition” tab, then “Dietary Options” and “Vegan.” Anything that’s listed under “Go for It” is 100 percent vegan. Way to go, Chipotle! 

But while you’re here, you can check out our favorite way to order vegan at Chipotle. Here’s how to do it:

Chipotle Collage

1. Try the Sofritas! They’re made with shredded organic tofu that’s braised with chipotle peppers, roasted poblanos, and spices. SOOOO good! 

2. You can get pretty much anything on the menu without hurting animals: Just pass on the cheese, sour cream, and animal flesh. (If you’re wondering what’s wrong with cheese, learn about the dairy industry in 60 seconds.)

chipotle building
Exterior - Chipotle Mexican Grill | Aranami | CC By 2.0 
3. Sometimes pinto beans are cooked with lard (gross!). But no worries at Chipotle: Both the black beans AND the pinto beans are vegan!

peta2 experience chipotle sofritas

4. Next, add white or brown rice.

5. Then, try the fajita veggies (green peppers and red onions, sautéed with salt, oregano, and rice bran oil)!

6. Top if off with some guacamole.

chipotle sofritas bowl close up

7. And don’t forget that Chipotle’s tortilla chips and salsa are vegan, too.

Cat With Chipotle Chips Collage

Hungry yet?

Now check out our guide to vegan Taco Bell for more proof that it’s easier than ever to eat cruelty-free!


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