There are a lot of benefits of going vegan, and I’ve experienced many of them since I made the switch. To name a few, I no longer contribute to the suffering and death of animals, I have much more energy, and my once weak and constantly chipped fingernails are stronger than ever before.

One advantage of ditching animal-derived foods that I never anticipated is spending next to nothing when I occasionally need to fulfill my fast-food cravings. In fact, there are countless vegan meals that you can get at fast-food chains for under $4! Here are 16 of them:

Taco Bell

1. Power Menu Veggie Burrito: $3.99

Make it “Fresco”—in other words, replace the cheese and sour cream with pico de gallo. Be sure to ask for it without Avocado Ranch Sauce.

 2. Crunchwrap Supreme: $3.29

Substitute beans for beef and make it “Fresco.”

3. Bean Burrito: $1.19

All you have to do to make it vegan is ask for it “Fresco”-style.

4. Crunchy or Soft Taco: $1.19

Make it “Fresco” and replace the seasoned beef with beans.

5. Spicy Tostada: $1 (You can get four!)

Make sure you ask for it without cheese or chipotle sauce.

6. Double Decker Taco: $1.89

Just substitute beans for meat, make it “Fresco,” and add red sauce for a spicy kick.

7. Mexican Pizza: $3.49

Substitute beans for beef and ask for it without cheese. Pro tip: Take it home and add your own dairy-free cheese, then just heat it up.

Note: For all Taco Bell meals, you can add red sauce and onions for free—and sides like guacamole, pico de gallo, jalapeño peppers, potatoes, fire-roasted salsa, and refried beans are all 50 cents or less. 


9. Plain Baked Potato with Chives and Apple Slices: $3.16

I think we all can consider this a well-balanced meal. (Apple slices not pictured.)

9. Large Natural-Cut Fries and Apple Slices: $3.71

Because no potato-apple combination could ever disappoint.

10. Garden Side Salad: $2.19

For the healthy fast foodies.

Burger King

11. French Toast Sticks: $1

These beautiful sticks of heavenly goodness are “accidentally vegan,” which makes me believe there is a God.

12. Original Maple Flavored Oatmeal: $1.99

Just be sure to ask that it be made with H2O and not milk.

13. Garden Side Salad and Small French Fries: $3.78

Shhh—it’s healthy because there’s a salad involved.

Del Taco

14. Two Value Tacos and Small Crinkle-Cut Fries: $3.17

For the tacos, get beans instead of beef and ask for no cheese, please. Add a salsa of your choice.

15. CrunchTada Tostada: $1

Just ask for no cheese.

These are as fun to eat as they are to say—and they’re cheap, so stock up on ’em! Some locations will let you add avocado slices for an extra charge.


16. Bagel with Avocado Spread: $2.45

Choose between Cinnamon, Everything, Plain, or Sprouted Grain flavors and add Organic Avocado Spread.

Is there anything we missed? What’s your favorite vegan fast-food meal for under $4? Share this post and let us know!