Once a year, my favorite band does a series of events and concerts in its hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being a food-obsessed vegan, my first time around, I was skeptical that I’d find animal-free options in the land of BBQ—but now, I take my yearly trip to see the band and enjoy the delicious vegan food in Tulsa. Mmmyup! ?


“I’ve never been to heaven, but I’ve been to Oklahoma.” ?

You’ll think you’re in vegan heaven at Chimera, which boasts Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, a Daydream Nation bowl—with tofu scramble, adzuki bean “bacon” strips, potatoes, chipotle crema, and salsa—Tempeh “Cheesesteak” Tacos with cashew spread, Coconut Curry Tacos with soyrizo, and way more. Chimera goes hard on the weekends with vegan doughnuts, scones, and sweet potato and sage biscuits with gravy. Pro tip: Get the seriously spiced cold brew with almond milk—seriously.

Elote Café & Catering

You had me at giant jackfruit burritos, Elote. ?

Antoinette Baking Company

anyone who knows me knows how much @hanson means to me. I have adored them since 1997, followed them around the country (and into other countries) multiple times, slept on sidewalks in the rain, snow, and sweltering heat to see them, and been a “stubborn and consistent” fan for more than half of my life. this band has saved my life, given me close friends, and filled my life with joy. that’s why it’s so hard to see them making the choice to play at SeaWorld, where hundreds of animals have died. today a group of fans who love animals and love Hanson and I sent this custom vegan cake (from the amazing @antoinettebakingco) to them in Tulsa. @isaachanson @taylorhanson @zachanson please let us know you’ll cancel/move this show and show some ❤️ to the animals suffering at SeaWorld. #hanson #standupstandup #seaworldsucks

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My favorite anti-SeaWorld cake makin’ company, Antoinette regularly features vegan noms like chocolate wine cake (with blackberry jam buttercream—OMG!), brownies, peach pie, and more. Some items on its brunch menu can be veganized, and it’s even had vegan hash and vegan benny specials. And Antoinette will soon be scooping up nondairy ice cream in the Brady Arts District.

Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano

Italian restaurants never really did it for me—but after trying Ti Amo, I’m looking for my next vegan Italian fix. It has a separate vegan menu (be sure to ask for it) that features spicy vegan arrabbiata with black olives; a pasta dish with artichokes, pine nuts, and spinach; and more. Bonus: The restaurant gives you free bruschetta to start—and it’s 100 percent vegan. Free apps? Yes, please!

Glacier Confection

This handmade-chocolate shop has a whole row of vegan goodies—including hazelnut, blueberry, and strawberry truffles and more. They’re almost too pretty to eat! If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a vegan “vertle” chocolate—featuring decadent coconut-milk caramel and almonds—before they sell out.

The Vault

This hip diner occupies an old bank vault, which is pretty awesome on its own—but the vegan brunch takes the (pan)cake(s). Tofu scramble with pesto drizzle on top of squash and potatoes? Yep. Pancakes with seriously fluffy vegan butter? Yup. It also has a buffalo cauliflower wrap and an eggplant BLT on the menu!


VEGAN. RAMEN. Need I say more? Ok, to be more specific: it’s delicious and features veggie broth, a coconut flavor bomb, seared tofu, kale, bamboo, scallions, and red peppers. Oh, and totally add the ginger carrots. ♥ While you’re at it, try the Blackberry Mint boba, too. You’re welcome.

Ediblend Superfood Café

After a weekend celebrating music and arts in Tulsa, Ediblend is the perfect place to detox and unwind. Get any of the açaí bowls (minus the honey, of course), a raw vegan taco salad, or one of the other vegan specials.

Trenchers Delicatessen

Our #bagels are #legit. Boiled & baked otherwise, it's just a roll w/ a hole.

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This Tulsa-famous deli has a breakfast sandwich called Vegan’s Dream, so of course. It’s truly dreamy, with tofu scramble, avocado, caramelized onions, and tomato on a toasted bagel. The deli also has a vegan eggplant caponata sandwich with toum (a heavenly Lebanese garlic sauce), and you can build your own vegan sammies with garlic tofu as a base. Yesssss. ?

Lone Wolf Banh Mi

The truly unique Ginger Fritter bánh mì—made with ginger chickpea fritters and the usual bánh mì fixin’s—is what dreams are made of. Not into ginger? Try the Soy Dijon Portobello bánh mì instead! This restaurant even makes a bánh mì burger with everyone’s favorite, the Beyond Burger.


As more and more people decide to go vegan for their own health, the planet, and animals, more vegan food will pop up in places where you’d least expect it! Until we eventually take over the world, that is. ?