OK, let’s cut the bullsh*t: Vegan Mexican food exists, and it’s super-easy to find. Just follow these tips:

1. Fast-Food Runs

At 9 a.m.:

Cereal is for boring, serious people. Mexican food is for warriors—or just very hungry people.

Hit up Del Taco on your way to class and pick something from the following vegan breakfast options:

del taco vegan options
Photo by: quinn.anya | CC by 2.0 

At 1 p.m.:

Need a pick-me-up? Hit up the happiest place on Earth: CHIPOTLE!

Make ANYTHING on the menu vegan by asking your server to hold the cheese and sour cream. Oh, and if you live near a location serving tofu-based Sofritas, then by all means, do yourself a favor and get one!

chipotle vegan options
Exterior - Chipotle Mexican Grill | Photo by: Aranami | CC by 2.0 

At 2 a.m.:

Sooooo, the party was awesome, but now you’re starving and nothing in the entire world sounds better than Mexican food (no judging, we’ve all been there). Hit up Taco Bell and choose one of these options:

taco bell vegan options
Taco Bell - Hayes, VA | Photo by: Carmen Shields | CC by 2.0 

2. Eating Out

Don’t panic when eating out at a Mexican restaurant. Just follow these easy tips:

  • If you can, call the restaurant ahead of time and ask if its beans contain lard. If they don’t, you will most likely be able to make anything on the menu vegan by substituting beans for meat and asking your waiter to hold the cheese and sour cream.


  • Potatoes are your best friend. Make a bomb meal by asking if the chef can make potato tacos and top them off with vegetables and a ton of guac.

potato tacos vegan

Photo by: arvindgrover | CC by 2.0 

  • Guac, salsa, and chips. That’s all we really need in life.

vegan chips guacamole salsa

IMG_0366 | gavin rice | CC BY 2.0 

3. Street Food

No time to stop by a restaurant? Chances are, there’s Mexican food available right on your street. Try these ideas:

  • Stop by the fruit cart and get a bag of super-fresh fruit topped with chili powder and lime juice. Oh, heaven!

Street fruit with chili powder

  • White corn on the cob with chili powder and lime juice will make you cry out of joy. Get home and add some Veganaise for extra beautifulness. More Mexican street food finds:

Instagram vegan food collage

  • Ask the taco stand if its beans are lard-free and get your grub on.

vegan vegetarian taco stand options

Mmmm. Tacos! | dieselboii | CC by 2.0 

4. Dessert


Vegan Mexican candy.

Have a Mexican market near you? Try Barritas Marinelas, which are perfect little pastries with a pineapple or strawberry filling.

vegan barritas marinela

5. Eating In

If you just got up from a siesta and don’t feel like going out, try these delicious vegan options:

grocery store vegan mexican options

These are vegan, too:

mexican amys food collage options

Make some vegan carne asada flautas with Gardein’s Beefless Tips


… and a bomb quesadilla with GO Veggie!’s Mexican Style Shreds.


Need some more inspiration? Check out our fave recipes:

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And don’t forget:

salsa packets