Planning a trip to Los Angeles to do a vegan food crawl? Welcome to my life. If your idea of heaven is drool-worthy sandwiches on every corner, then the “City of Angels” is the place for you.

The dictionary doesn’t have an entry for “vegan sandwich,” yet. I don’t know why not, because they’re a vital part of so many lives. But for anyone who’s unfamiliar, here’s one:

vegan sandwich (noun): Two or more slices of bread loaded with delicious toppings like veggies, sauce, and vegan meat and cheese, all made from plants instead of animal secretions and body parts.

Mmm—I’ll have another! Check out this must-eat list of the yummiest sammies that L.A. has to offer:

1. Torta, PFFP

Plant Food for People (PFFP) is a food truck, and if you ever spot it, you gotta get the torta (and the tacos … and you might as well get the nachos, too). I’m serious—until you try the jackfruit here, you just haven’t experienced it at its full potential.

2. Mushroom Truffle, Plant Food + Wine

How can such a simple dish be so scrumptious? It’s just toasted bread, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and truffle aioli, but it’s got that special je ne sais quoi that we all long for in a sandwich. You’ll see …

3. CBR (Chicken Bacon Ranch), Organix

Sandwiches containing pieces of dead chickens and pigs with cow secretions? Yucko. The vegan versions of these three ingredients, however, are nothing short of magic.

4. BBQ Sandwich, Mohawk Bend

We call this “the sandwich” around the office—everyone just knows what that means—because it plays that big of a role in our lives. I don’t even like BBQ sauce and bleu cheese all that much, and this is still one of my favorite sandwiches.

So much dough I can't swear I won't change #bbqsandwich #chickpeas #mohawkbend #bleucheese #vegan

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5. Buffalo Bomber, Veggie Grill

Know people who are hesitant about going vegan because they think that they won’t be able to enjoy buffalo-chicken-and-ranch sandwiches? Tell them that not only can they still enjoy that flawless combo as a vegan, they can do so whilst not harming a single chicken or cow in the process. It’s just too easy.

Veggie grill and chill #buffalobomber #bae #veggiegrill #vegan

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6. Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Doomie’s Home Cookin’

Do you enjoy casually offering your animal-eating friends food, waiting for them to comment on how delicious it is, and then shouting, “It’s vegan!” and cackling? Same. This sandwich is perfect for that trick favor, and many of my friends have declared that they “can’t believe it’s vegan.” I’ve tried other things at this restaurant, and they’re yummy … but they aren’t this sandwich. It’s this one—always—no questions asked.

7. Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich, Whole Foods

Ciabatta bread, Kite Hill spread, buffalo cauliflower—this, my friend, is the recipe for success. Hot bar items come and go, but this sandwich is always there. And it’s no surprise, as sandwiches are extremely reliable.

This Whole Foods buffalo cauliflower sandwich is a real winner #wholefoods #buffalo #cauliflower #vegan

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8. The Charlie Melt, Real Food Daily

Sea-themed melts can be polarizing—either you’re a fan or you’re not. I’m a big fan, and ever since I realized that fish don’t deserve to be torn from their homes on a hook and suffocated to death, these have made all my melty-sandwich dreams come true.

9. BLTA, Sage Plant Based Bistro

Croissants are perfect, yes, and when you add tempeh, avocados, and vegan mayonnaise into the mix, you just can’t elevate them much higher than that.

Brunch, it's what's for brunch #blta #sage #cold #rainy #sundaysadday #vegan

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10. Falafel Sandwich, Hummus Bar Express

It comes in a pita pocket, but it’s mind-blowingly delicious, so I’m putting it on the list! Because, really, no list—of any category—would be complete without it. This sandwich is full of falafel that’s moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside (exactly how you want it), hummus and tahini, and French fries—swoon.

Falafel? More like falAWESOME. #hummusbarexpress #falafelsandwich #vegan

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11. Reuben, Native Foods Café

This Reuben is the perfect meal for when you just want to grab something and take a big, aggressive bite out of it, like, NOM. You know?

12. Vegan Handsome Owl, Ike’s Place

All owls are handsome, but very few sandwiches are as good as the Vegan Handsome Owl, loaded with vegan breaded chicken, cheese, and teriyaki. After I tried it, it was owl I could think about for weeks.

13. The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich, Locali

If you were made of vegan sausage, cheddar, chipotle sauce, and maple syrup and lived on a sprouted-grain English muffin, you’d feel like a baaadasss, too. In fact, you wouldn’t respond to any other name.

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14. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich, Chango

Whether you get it on a bagel or a croissant is up to you. But plan ahead, because game-time decisions between two life-changoing options can be very stressful—and breakfast sandwiches are all about tranquility and serenity, obviously.

Life-changoing #chango #breakfastsandwich #everythingbagel #echopark #vegan

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15. Cuban Sandwich, Equelecuá Cuban Cafe

This place is the first all-vegan Cuban restaurant in the U.S., so A+ for innovation—and A++ for this miracle of a sandwich! I’ve never eaten a meat-based Cuban before, but I feel very confident that this one tastes even better, because everything vegan does—I mean, come on.

16. Caprese Sandwich, Vromage

Bread, cheese, and tomatoes: the glue holding Italy together. Nay, the glue holding everything together. Whenever things feel like they’re falling apart, just know that a flaky baguette with creamy vegan cheese and juicy tomatoes is here to put you back together.

No matter which way you slice it, slices of bread are just better (read: more tasty, healthy, ethical, and sustainable) with vegan ingredients in between them. If you don’t get the chance to stop by Los Angeles anytime soon, you can still get your animal-free sandwich on anywhere in the world. Check out peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan!