Shout out to the real MVP, Yard House, for hooking us all up with a delicious selection of vegan food! The restaurant has an entire menu featuring Gardein vegan meat products. Not all dishes featuring Gardein products are vegan, but most can easily be modified. Yard House has locations nationwide. Find out if one is near you, and do yourself a favor by trying some of these, like ASAP:


Guacamole & Chips

Just hold the feta and this dish will be betta.


Pita + Hummus = Snack Time!

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Well, I reckon you’ll wanna order this good-lookin’ dish, too. Hummus is yummus after all.

Chicken Nachos

Just swap out the chicken for Gardein chicken and hold the cheese, enchilada sauce, and sour cream.

Hot & Spicy or Chilled Edamame

Fire up your Friday with our Hot & Spicy Edamame! ?

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You’ll feel chill eating this and knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your meal. ♥

Sweet Potato or Truffle Fries

Just remember to ask for no maple bacon cream dip with the sweet potato fries and no Parmesan on the truffle fries.

Gardein™ Buffalo Wings

Can we all just take a moment to enjoy how beautiful (and tasty) these Buffalo Gardein wings look? Order them without breading and ask for no ranch, or even better, BYOVR (bring your own vegan ranch


Vegan Burger

Go #veggie with our NEW #VeganBurger!

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It even comes with Daiya mozzarella. ?

Gardein™ Blackened Chicken Torta

Hold the cheese, chipotle mayo, and cumin crema.

Gardein™ Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich

Just ask for no cheese or mayo and you’ll have yourself an avocado sandwich.

Angel Hair Pasta

Be an angel for animals and order this without feta.

Gardein™ Orange Peel Chicken

This delish dish is already vegan. Enjoy!

Summer Salad

Because you can never have too much summer or salad in yo’ life.

Gardein™ Chicken Rice Bowl

Gardein Chicken Rice Bowl in da (Yard) house!


Mango Sorbet 

You had me at “mango.”

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