Escalation Actions

Call-in Days

Organize students to call a prominent administrative official (college/university president, cafeteria manager, etc.) all day long on a specific date. When the administrative official answers, each student should state his or her support for vegan options in the cafeteria. Ideally, the phone line will be flooded, demonstrating tremendous support on campus.

Rock the Recruitment

Protest or distribute leaflets at any event where your college or university works to recruit prospective students. Look on the Internet for college recruitment fairs and obtain a schedule of campus tours from the admissions office. If you really want to leave a mark, sign up as a tour guide and give a lecture about your campaign for vegan options instead of the tour.

Other Tips for Demonstrations

  • The best demonstrations are the ones that your organization will create for the specific circumstances of your campaign and campus culture. Capitalize on your school’s charter, history, or mascot. If there are animals on campus known and loved by everyone (e.g., the president’s two dogs), try to incorporate them into your campaign in some manner.
  • Discover the sources of power on campus and work to find a point of access. Is it possible for you to influence a major financial donor, the board of regents, or prospective students? Put all your connections and resources to work for your campaign.
  • To ensure that your demonstration has the maximum impact, use your media skills and pitch the story to both your school and local outlets. Every demonstration should be used as an opportunity to attract attention to your campaign.


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