APPLY NOW: peta2's 2016-17 Youth Advisory Board

Fact: In the struggle for animal rights, we will win.

Will you be on the winning team?

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What’s needed to stop the world from exploiting animals? Your voice!

From factory farms to trophy hunting, peta2 is leading the fight against cruelty to animals around the world, and we want YOU to apply to join our Youth Advisory Board.

What Is It?

peta2’s Youth Advisory Board is a tight-knit group of passionate, dedicated, creative young people who are fighting for animal rights. We want people who can commit their time, act as resources for each other, fight for what they know is right, and give us feedback on ideas, campaigns, merchandise, and more. Sound like you? Read on!


To be considered, you must be between the ages of 13 and 21be active in the animal rights movement, be a student in school, and live in the United States or Canada. You must also complete the application below and be approved by peta2 staffers. Advisers will be expected to attend monthly trainings, bi-weekly phone calls with your assigned peta2 mentor, complete missions and monthly assignments, give thoughtful feedback, and complete a long-term project to help animals (e.g., work to cut out dissection at your school, get veggie burgers in your cafeteria, start an animal rights club, etc.).

What Will You Do?

As an adviser, you’ll be armed with the skills and resources to be the best advocate for animals you can be and also provide peta2 with valuable feedback on ideas we have for missions, campaigns, and projects. We’ll send you merch ideas, campaign ideas, and missions to complete—and you’ll give us your honest opinion of them. You’ll get to have your say on what peta2 focuses on, how we promote it, and more! Your opinions will help make peta2 a more effective force fighting for animal rights and make it easier than ever for your friends to get in on the movement, too!

What Will You Get?

Advisers gain experience with the biggest youth animal rights group in the world. By serving on the board, not only will you establish friendships and learn from your peers in a safe space, you’ll also be in the know on all of peta2’s campaigns. Plus, you’ll work with peta2’s cutting-edge marketing team to keep campaigns on trend and win victories for animals. You’ll help make peta2 more accessible than ever!

You’ll also get access to merchandise before it’s available to the general public, opportunities to table with the peta2 tour crew, a feature on you and your fellow board members, and chances to attend exclusive trainings on online activism, PETA’s stance on animal rights issues, how to be a better advocate for animals in school and at home, and more!

Last year’s Youth Advisory Board wanted to wake the world up to the unbearable suffering of captive orcas, so every day for an entire month, they took a moment of silence to reflect. What are Tilly, Corky, Orkid, and all the other orcas thinking about right now? Here’s a glimpse into what the board came up with:

You can use your experience with peta2 on college applications, résumés, and job applications—not to mention that you will be more confident and prepared and have more skills to make a real difference for animals in your community and around the world.

Want to serve on peta2’s Youth Advisory Board this year?

Click on the photo below to download the application (be sure to sign it electronically by typing in your name—no need to print the form and mail!). Fill it out, then e-mail it to [email protected] with the subject line “Youth Advisory Board.” Send in your e-mail by Sunday, August 28, 2016, to be considered.

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Click to download the application!



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