Petitions and Sign-Up Sheets

One of the most basic, and most important, parts of activism is gathering sign-ups. Whether you’re tabling at a concert or trying to get vegan options added to your school’s cafeteria, we’ve got the petitions and sign-up sheets you’ll need. Print out a few sheets, grab a pen and a clipboard, and you’re all set. Don’t forget to send us a copy of your completed sign-up sheets:

peta2 Street Team
501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510

You will receive 50 Street Team points for each e-mail address you gather—just be sure to include your e-mail address so we know who to give the points to!

Note: Some of these petitions are customizable—so make sure to type your schools name in and print them out to make a bigger impact for animals in your hallways!

Elephants Never Forget Petition Veganize Your Cafeteria Petition KFC Tortures Chickens Petition Cut Out Dissection Petition
“Elephants Never Forget” Petition “Veganize Your Cafeteria” Petition “KFC Tortures Chickens” Petition “Cut Out Dissection” Petition
McCruelty Petition Animal Testing Breaks Hearts Petition Canadian Seal Slaughter Petition Meat's Not Green Petition
“McCruelty” Petition “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” Petition “Canadian Seal Slaughter” Petition “Meat’s Not Green” Petition
Fur Is Dead Petition Woof! Petition Donkey Basketball Petition Circuses Are No Fun for Animals Petition
“Fur Is Dead” Petition “Woof!” Petition “Donkey Basketball” Petition “Circuses Are No Fun for Animals” Petition

If you’re having trouble opening the files above, please download Adobe Reader.



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