Your Complete Horoscope for Helping Animals

You might already turn to your horoscope for insight into your love life or your life at school, but now you can look to the stars for guidance on helping animals, too!

Don’t know your astrological sign? Just look for your birthday below—and find out how you can help animals, which one you’re most like, and what your power food is. 


January 20–February 18 

School and life: You’re intelligent and independent. These are great traits that you can use to help animals. For example, you can use your excellent communication skills to inform others about animal rights issues online. Turn your social media account into a platform to speak up for sentient beings!  

The animal you’re most like: You’re like an octopus—playful, resourceful, and inquisitive. A PETA exposé revealed that live octopuses and other sea animals were being butchered and served alive in restaurants across the country for a Korean dish called “sannakji.” Learn how you can take action against this cruel practice here

Your power food: It’s the “Catfish” Po’ Boy. Get the recipe here. 


February 19–March 20 

School and life: You’re all about compassion and wisdom. As a dreamer, you can use your imaginative spirit to take action for animals. Brainstorm new ways to help them, like by organizing a tabling event at your school.

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a dolphin—sensitive, empathetic, and loving. At SeaWorld, dolphins and whales are still being used as breeding machines to create generations of suffering animals. 💔 Learn how you can help marine mammals here

Your power food: It’s ‘Fish’ Sliders with Spicy Mango Slaw. Get the recipe here.


March 21–April 19 

School and life: You’re courageous. Use your bravery to speak up for animals in your community. Spend some time brushing up on your public speaking skills, and hit the streets with leaflets to inform others about animal rights issues. We know you need to be in charge, so go ahead and e-mail us at [email protected] to order some free leaflets. 

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a sheep—gentle, determined, and moody. These animals are abused in the wool industry: Young lambs’ ears are often hole-punched, their tails are chopped off, and the males are castrated—all usually without any pain relief. Speak up for sheep here

Your power food: It’s the Easiest Vegan Mac ’n’ Cheese Ever. Get the recipe here.  


April 20–May 20 

School and life: You’re hardworking and sometimes even a little stubborn, and that’s OK! It’s important to stand up for what’s right. Your persistence is great news for animals: Put it to work by starting a campaign to get animal dissection out of your school. It might take some time, but Tauruses thrive by creating change. Get more info on dissection here.  

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a cow—you like routine, you’re determined, and you love food. Cows are great mothers and produce milk for the same reason humans do: to feed their babies. The bond between a mother cow and her calf is so strong that those on dairy farms often wail, sometimes for days, when their babies are taken away shortly after birth to be sold to the veal industry. Learn more about helping cows here.  

Your power food: It’s the Vegan Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Get the recipe here.


May 21–June 20 

School and life: Your quick wit and charismatic energy make you the perfect person to give a class presentation about animal rights. Use your chattiness to your advantage and talk to your teacher about letting peta2 speak to your class.  

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a goose—loyal, social, and outgoing. Geese mate for life, but the down feather industry profits from these animals’ extreme suffering and violent slaughter. Items like puffy jackets, bedding, and sleeping bags are often stuffed with the feathers of birds who endured horrific mistreatment. Always be sure to check labels to avoid down.  

Your power food: It’s the Spicy ‘Chicken’ Sandwich. Get the recipe here.


June 21–July 22 

School and life: You’re caring and sensitive. Use these qualities to help animals by encouraging your friends and family to go vegan. Cooking delicious vegan food is a great way to show everyone just how easy it is to avoid eating meat, eggs, and dairy. Share the “Guide to Going Vegan” with everyone you know. 

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a bear—sensitive, protective, and caring toward your family. In their natural homes, bears don’t do painful, confusing tricks, but some of those at Bearadise Ranch in Florida are hauled across the country and forced to perform degrading acts as part of a cruel show. Take action to help them here.  

Your power food: It’s Chocolate-Dipped Crescents. Get the recipe here.  


July 23–August 22 

School and life: You’re creative and generous. Use these strengths to host a shelter drive for homeless animals in your community. As you collect toys, blankets, and other items for your local open-admission facility, you’ll be admired for your cheerful nature and selflessness.  

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a tiger—brave, powerful, and confident. Tigers are semi-nocturnal and love water, but those used for entertainment are torn away from their mothers, exploited, and denied adequate exercise and veterinary care. Tigers used in circuses are kept in travel crates and forced to jump through rings of fire. Speak up for them. 

Your power food: It’s PBR Crispy Treats. Get the recipe here.  


August 23–September 22 

School and life: You’re loyal, kind, and hardworking. Use these skills to your advantage by getting more vegan options added to your school’s cafeteria menu. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes a few tries to create change. It’ll be worth it.  

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a chicken—hardworking, practical, and consistent. Chickens are unique individuals who feel pain, love, fear, and joy, just as we do. But they’re bred to be so heavy that their bones often break because they can’t even support their own bodyweight. When they’re only a few months old, those in the meat industry are typically grabbed roughly by their legs and stuffed into crates for transport. Workers shackle chickens upside down at slaughterhouses, where their throats are cut. Many are scalded to death in boiling water. But you can help change this: Take action here. 

Your power food: It’s Beyond Burger Sliders. Get the recipe here.


September 23–October 22 

School and life: You know how to be cooperative and diplomatic. Use your social skills to help animals. Host a movie night and show your favorite animal rights documentary to help spread a message of compassion. Don’t forget to be a gracious host and offer vegan snacks!

The animal you’re most like: You’re like an orca—complex, emotional, and social. SeaWorld confines orcas to tiny concrete tanks with incompatible companions, depriving them of everything that’s natural and important to them. Help these animals here.   

Your power food: It’s the Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. Get the recipe here.


October 23–November 21

School and life: You’re brave and resourceful. As a true friend to animals, you can use your passion to help them by shopping cruelty-free. Buying items only from companies that don’t test on animals can make a huge difference. 

The animal you’re most like: You’re like an Arctic fox—mysterious, ambitious, and persevering. The fur industry has reached a new low: It’s making these animals’ lives miserable by forcing them to grow five times larger than they naturally would. Scorpios stand strong and speak up, so take action here

Your power food: It’s Peanut Butter–Sriracha Brownies. Get the recipe here.


November 22–December 21 

School and life: You’re energetic and open-minded. Use your extroverted attitude to hold a protest against a business or an industry that uses animals. You’ve got the determination to see it through, and peta2 can help you every step of the way.  

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a cat—social, opinionated, and caring. One female cat and her kittens can lead to the births of 370,000 cats in seven years! By having cats spayed or neutered and keeping them indoors, you can help reduce the number of those who end up homeless in animal shelters or on the street.  

Your power food: It’s the Breakfast Parfait. Get the recipe here.


December 22–January 19 

School and life: Success is your thing. Spend some time developing an animal rights club at your school—there’s strength in numbers, and you’re a great leader. So speak up for animals, because the good karma will pay off. Check out this guide to starting an animal rights club.

The animal you’re most like: You’re like a dog—loyal, determined, and curious. About 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters every year, so there’s no reason to buy one from a breeder. By adopting a homeless one from a shelter, you’ll help fight the companion animal overpopulation crisis. Your adoption fee will also help support the shelter’s services, including spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, and other veterinary care. 

Your power food: It’s Rainbow Pancakes. Get the recipe here. 


While your astrological sign can give you a few ideas on easy ways to help animals, you can be a star for them every single day by shopping for cruelty-free products; eating vegan; never wearing items made of leather, wool, or fur; and avoiding places that use them for entertainment. 

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