Animal-Friendly Advice to Give Your Home a Glow Up

Whether you’re living with your parents, moving into a dorm room, or sharing an apartment with your bestie, here are some easy ways to make your living space more animal-friendly:

1. Buy Vegan Food

Do your parents stock the fridge with meat, eggs, and dairy milk? OK boomers. Ask them to switch out a few of these foods with their vegan counterparts—or just volunteer to do the grocery shopping yourself! Oop, did you unapologetically get vegan versions of everything in the fridge? Go off!

2. Furnish Faux

Tell your roomie that their couch made out of a cow’s skin is giving Hannibal Lecter vibes. Time for a glow up with furniture that doesn’t require animals to be tormented, killed, and skinned, TYVM. Faux-leather and -suede items are usually more affordable than those made from animal skins, and they look and feel the same.

3. Hang Animal-Friendly Artwork

Your high-key passion for keeping something bigger than yourself in mind should be displayed proudly on your walls, and animal rights and pro-vegan posters will give your guests’ brains something to chew on.

4. Be Clean and Cruelty-Free

Companies that torture animals to test household product ingredients even though it’s completely unnecessary are a hard pass. Imagine paying companies to abuse and kill animals in gruesome ways when you could shop cruelty-free. It’s the ignorance for us. Check out our Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide to find out which companies pass the vibe check.

5. Rescue Animals

Don’t leave animals in shelters on read. If you have the resources to give a homeless dog, cat, or rabbit a fulfilling life full of affection, attention, exercise, and mental stimulation in a loving home, then an adopted animal (not one bought from a breeder) can make a great addition to your family.

Your home is your sanctuary, so make it a safe space by doing your best to surround yourself with people, food, furniture, and products that align with your beliefs!

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